Styled by the Forbo design team and using the latest production technology in an advanced purpose-built manufacturing plant, Sphera is setting new standards in terms of design, technology and performance. The three distinct ranges Element, Energetic and Evolution offer smart and innovative solutions. Each collection offers differentiated aesthetics to ensure that Sphera adds style to floor designs across a broad range of applications.

The widest and most complete colour offer in the homogeneous market.

Sphera Element offers a fresh, light and contemporary colour palette which adds a sophistication to floor design. The collection includes a wide range of warm and cool neutrals which complement interior finishes such as wood and stone along with pastels and bright accent colours for areas requiring wayfinding or zoning. Sphera Element adds character and style to floors across numerous applications, including hygienic healthcare environments where durability and colour are key.

A bold and contemporary, fresh and colourful palette.

The intricate mix of spheres, granules and colour pigments create a fantastic vibrant visual, making homogeneous vinyl look different. Energetic offers an inspiring pallet of semi plain and larger particle-mix colours that are made up from the semi plain colour base. Transparent granules provide for depth and dirt. The aesthetic of Energetic reflects that of rubber, concrete and resin flooring with 11 Vivid colourways featuring chips of two accent colours. The Vivid colourways are complemented by 41 flecked tones to inspire creative floor designs. By exploiting the colour and design connections across the collection, the full potential of Energetic can be realised.

Build-up Sphera Energetic vivid reference


A new and innovative design perspective on homogeneous vinyl.

Sphera Evolution has the thrilling sensation of crossing design boundaries, that until now has not been experienced in homogeneous floor coverings. All items presented in the Evolution range are colour coordinated and as such can cater for consistent multi story floor plans that radiate a similar atmosphere and design quality. Sphera Evolution can also be used as highlight combined with other Sphera collections and is designed with higher end healthcare environments in mind.

The look of this product is innovative and new in homogeneous vinyl. The visual enrichment, created by adding effects and / or transparency, adds depth and a 3rd dimension. It’s expressive and outspoken, it demands observation and sparks curiosity. The unique identity of this range is drawing attention to Forbo as a homogeneous vinyl manufacturer and to the Sphera collection in particular. It can be used in a very wide variety of applications.

The Evolution consists of three different design directions: Plain: 12 items with a plain background and pearlescent, silver or gold glitter highlights. Shaded: 6 dark coloured items with silver or gold glitter effects, and silver or gold metallic highlights. Pearl: 6 light coloured items with pearlescent effects and a 3D look which is created by adding a transparent component.


The use of different products in one building is often required. Forbo has a common design language that is shared between all products and designers. Combinations in colour and design between different products are a given.

All product categories have their own characteristics and application areas, which is why it is important that combinations can be easily made. Think of a hospital with for example Coral entrance systems, Sphera in corridors, Sphera SD|EC or Colorex ESD flooring in operating theatres, Marmoleum in patient rooms, Eternal General Purpose Vinyl for restaurants and shopping areas.

Coordinated wallcovering, wetroom flooring and homogeneous vinyl is often requested in healthcare environments. Sarlon Tech is the solution for areas where an antibacterial treatment is mandatory, which is the case in some countries.

Note: competitors can offer one “design” in for example safety, acoustic and ESD solutions. Often, they are not 100% colour consistent and, therefore, look different and surely are not the best possible technical solution for the project.