A prerequisite for a floor that performs for many years is determined by the quality of the installation. Especially in healthcare environments, where heavy traffic from beds, (motorized) wheelchairs and equipment is daily business, the use of the right adhesive and tools is essential. In addition, hygienic solutions that are of the highest importance in healthcare environments require specific solutions like rounded corners, coving strips and sealed surfaces. Finally, the array of colours and designs as well as the eye for detail provided by multicoloured welding rods provide an aesthetically pleasing finishing.


Can Sphera withstand all the wheeled traffic in a hospital?

Installation instructions Sphera is a premium homogeneous vinyl that is strong enough to last many years of heavy traffic. Problems with damaging of the floor by e.g. wheels of hospital beds often occur when there is insufficient adhesive or when the instructions of the adhesive manufacturer are not followed. Other potential causes may be that the wheels are too small or sharp. A residual indentation that is too high can also be part of the problem. With a typical value of 0.03 mm, Sphera is amongst the best performing homogeneous vinyls.

Installation instructions


Does Forbo offer multi-coloured welding rods for Sphera?

Welding rods Yes we do. Forbo Flooring offers over 300 welding rods to choose from. There are matching multi-coloured welding rods for Sphera Element and part of Sphera Evolution. This tone-in-tone welding rod is blending into the visual of the floor, matching the three colour tones and following the movement of the visual. Heat welding provides a strong, watertight and hygienic seam. A subtle unicoloured match is available for every Sphera item. Use contrast colours as an accessible and effective way to create an authentic look.

Welding rods


What is the best solution to create a hygienic installation?

Corners/covings Rounded corners and covings make it easier to keep the floor clean. The Sphera collection is easy to form because of the absence of a glass fleece carrier. Professional installers know how to cove the material on site. In most cases, coving on site is preferable; it is a custom solution for every corner (also when not 90°), it is cheaper, no lead time to make preformed corners, always a similar batch as the rest of the floor. Coving strips, skirting and other accessories to create a neat and clean floor finish are recommended. The Forbo offer differs per country, information about the best local solution is available on the Forbo website. Preformed corners for Sphera are available when there is a need or preference. Contact your Forbo representative for more information.



Is it possible to make a tailor-made design with Sphera?

Decorative flooring can be beautiful and functional at the same time. Think about routing on the floor to guide patients and visitors to the right department in a hospital, or zoning to identify different areas of a building. With our Aquajet cutting technique we can create the most refined and detailed floor designs. The very precise cutting technology offers a sophisticated detailing in the designs. Perfect to create your own identity on your floor; a logo, a piece of art, or even a portrait.

Cleaning & maintenance

When deciding on a floor, Forbo recommends to consider the expected amount of traffic, floor plan and maintenance planning. The location in the building can be a motivation to choose a specific colour and design. For example spaces where hygiene is of absolute importance can ask for light and plain colours, so one can see contaminations. In entrance area’s where soiling is more prominent, darker colours with more contrast in the design are more forgiving. Entrance flooring is fundamental to modern building design: an effective entrance system can stop up to 95% of dirt and moisture being walked into a building, minimising maintenance costs, protecting the interior flooring and preventing slips. With both textile (Coral) and rigid (Nuway) Entrance Systems in our portfolio, we can offer an entrance solution for every situation. Contact Forbo to obtain tailored advice.

Cleaning & maintenance instructions


Fraunhofer report Sphera Element cleanability External testing at Fraunhofer IPA shows that the cleanability of Sphera Element is excellent. The same technology is used for all other Sphera collections. Any floor will require regular cleaning and maintenance. To keep the effort and cost for a hygienic and good looking floor as low as possible, Sphera is equipped with a protective layer called SMART-top; a UV cured PUR-finish, ensuring Sphera has a high resistance to scratches, chemicals and stains. Additional polishing is NOT necessary for the lifetime of the product.

Fraunhofer report Sphera Element cleanability